Gallery Ultimate was created to enable gallery site operators the ability to offer photo print sales with revenue share to gallery member photographers. Please view some of our live sites.

As operator of the website, you can select the prices the public will pay for 4X6 and 5X7 photos, as well as the 4X6 and 5X7 payout values to photographers.

Visitors to the website can browse the photos and purchase photos using the website’s integrated shopping cart (which is currently powered by PayPal .. we will be soon be adding CashSender payment integration).

When buyers complete their print order purchases, the system email notifies the website owner, and the order is waiting in the admin for processing. The owner of the site can download the orders (corresponding images for each order), have the photos printed locally, package the order, ship the order, and the Gallery Ultimate system keeps track of all the expenses (cost of the prints, postage) and revenues with each order.

We will soon be adding the ability to sell digital images.

Gallery Ultimate offers two levels of website membership .. paid and unpaid. In the admin you can set the price levels of your paid subscription memberships, which offers add-free browsing and higher payouts for photographers:

Within the admin you can manage all of your site members’ account, activate and de-activate accounts, and adjust site member’s photo-screener status:

Gallery Ultimate member management in the adminWe also offer an automated photo screener application system whereby users can apply to become photo screeners which can be accepted, rejected and managed in the admin:

Gallery Ultimate photo screener management in the admin

The Mid and Top pricing levels of Gallery Ultimate allow the website owner to have full control of the 15 banner ad positions available within the system. For each of these banner ad positions the website owner can enter custom banner ad code in the admin as show on this screen shot:

Gallery Ultimate banner ad positions in the admin

Photographers upload images from their computer to the Gallery Ultimate website using the website’s bulk uploader (up to 30 images at a time).. or they can use the single image upload utility.

Gallery Ultimate bulk image uploader

Once uploaded to a photographer’s launch pad, the images are then submitted on a one-by-one basis into the photo approval queue (where the screeners approve or reject each upload).

Gallery Ultimate photo launch pad screen shotTo submit an image to the site, the submitting photographer selects the appropriate categories for the photo upload, can provide comments in the comments box, and can decide if the image will be displayed with a watermark or not. All of this is set on the photo submit page:

Gallery Ultimate photo submit page 1

Gallery Ultimate photo submit page 2 The following screen shots highlight additional features from the admin panel:

Admin Features
  • Membership approval
  • Photo approval
  • Photo price setting (4X6 5X7)
  • Photo payout to photographers
  • Category management
  • User management
  • Photo sales stats / order mgmt
  • Photo screener management
  • vBulletin forum integration
  • Send mass email
  • Website configuration (photo prices, footer, privacy, terms etc)
  • Photo rejection reasons
Member Features
  • Free membership / paid membership
  • Facebook integration – uploads posted to Facebook
  • Twitter integration – uploads are tweeted
  • Single image upload
  • Bulk image upload
  • Profile management
  • Email preferences
  • Photo sales tracking