Several years ago we looked at a number of popular photo gallery sites like and and realized that none of the leading gallery software developers including Coppermine, Gallery Menalto, Plogger and Simple Picture Gallery came anywhere close to providing the level of features that we were look for.

There was nothing available for prospective gallery site owners to launch an enterprise-class gallery site with the following key features:

  • Comprehensive nesting category system, where uploading photographers could suggest new categories and new subcategories with their image uploads.
  • A comprehensive search engine
  • The ability to offer participating photographers a means to sell 4X6 and 5X7 colour photos of their uploaded images with profit from the sales shared with the gallery site owner.
  • The ability to offer various levels of site membership to uploading photographers.
  • A highly versatile admin system where the website owner can control all elements of the website, including photo prices, revenue share ratios, account balances, site membership fees, and multiple banner ad locations to name but a few.

We searched high and low for such a gallery software and couldn’t find one.

We spoke with the owners of and other custom sites about the cost to license their software and we were quoted in the range of $20,000. This is because of the high cost to develop this kind of feature rich software, coupled with the complete lack of availability in the gallery software marketplace.

For these reasons we decided to build Gallery Ultimate from the ground up, incorporating all these desirable features, and to offer it at price that was affordable.

If you’d like to launch your own gallery website, we encourage you to view some of the existing sites that are powered by Gallery Ultimate, and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions.